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Start Up

Achieve your goals with the right technology. As a start up, you’re ready to take your ideas and make them a reality. Move your business into gear with CPA Tech as your business advisor. From implementing the right accounting system to finding a CPA and locating sources of funding, we can help. Depending on your type and scope of business, choose from a packaged system, implemented on your server, or a more customized, cloud-based installation. Either way, automating your systems will make them run smoother and more effectively.


New Business owner

Gain momentum. As your company grows, CPA Tech’s products and services can get your business off the ground, fast. The right accounting system by Intuit Pro or QuickBooks are practical options to get your company up and running, and set the stage for future growth.

Gain ROI. A cost-effective solution from CPA Tech can help you automate your accounting, CRM, inventory management, and business processes with clients, vendors, and employees.


Established owner

Get to the future, faster. You’ve worked hard to get your company where it is today. Take your business to the next level, by optimizing your existing systems for maximum efficiency and compliance. Proven technology from CPA Tech can help you upgrade your IT, creating a data gold standard for spreadsheets and reports.

Create a trusted data repository. With an optimized system in place, you can trust the integrity of your data. Coming from a single, controlled source, you can quickly track any changes or anomalies.



Handle audits with ease. Organize documents and make them easily accessible, so you can answer questions and create reports quickly and accurately. Whether you need to respond to a government data audit, a parent company, or venture capital firm, the right solution from CPA Tech can help you create the reports and documentation that you need.

Prevent fraud. Promote growth. With the right controls in place, you can be assured that your systems are being monitored with the proper levels of security, tracking who does what and when.

Get a better sense of the big picture. Keeping an eye on all of your business’ moving parts can be a never-ending challenge. With a flexible IT solution, your company’s processes will run smoothly, even as it expands. And you can sleep better at night knowing that the right controls are in place.


IT Executive

Efficiency, redefined. Improve the quality of your data, and keep your systems up and running with streamlined processes and controls. A cloud-based solution allows for instant upgrades, frees you from managing servers, and lets you focus on your vendors and SLAs.

Disaster recovery, rapid upgrades and expansion—all on the cloud. Create and implement a cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity plan. On the cloud, there are no servers for you to worry about. Your cloud-based solution from CPA Tech enables you to expand instantly. It also means that you only pay for the resources you use today—so you get what need when you need it, with virtually no up-front server costs or the fulltime IT resources required to maintain it.

Keep your business model current with the right IT. Your responsibilities are shifting from managing your servers to managing your vendor relationships. Now you can benefit from latest technologies, without worrying about upgrades or down times. Everything is handled for you behind the scenes—and if you choose, on the cloud—by CPA Tech.